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I am having a problem balancing my Quicken File to TD AmeriTrade Statements. Is anyone else having the same problem? It seems like TD AmeriTrade puts your money into a FDIC Insured Deposit account while its not being used for Stocks or Transactions and it seems like that where the problem might be. Any Help will be appreciated.
Maybe some sort of form on what amounts to put where on the form to balance account. Some transactions happen at the end of the month and do not clear until the following month, etc.


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    Hi @tig70878,

    TDA, and other brokers, have an optional feature that will "sweep" funds from the brokerage account into a short-term "cash sweep vehicle".  That "sweep account" should be shown as a separate investment in the account statement you receive from TDA as well as in your Quicken TDA account.

    If you are downloading your transactions from TDA into your Quicken account, those transactions should be appearing in your Quicken account automatically.  If you are manually recording your transactions in Quicken, you should be recording those transactions in your TDA register.  Because there can be a lot of these in-and-out sweep transactions in an account, some folks prefer to only post one transaction a month that records all of these transactions at the "net" amount.  To do that, you could just take the statement account balance at the end of the month, and subtract the beginning balance from it, and then make one entry in Quicken for that "net" amount.

    Hope this helps.


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