How to create a report for - Last year's groceries

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I am trying to get a total of the amount that I spent on groceries last year, from January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021, including from checking account and charged to credit card. I tried for at least an hour and only got amounts that I cannot believe. The Quicken menus are confusing or nebulous. Help was not of any help.


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    Go to Reports > Create a Transaction Report. In the next window, click Payee, Account or Time, depending on how you'd like transactions grouped then click Continue to Customize. In the Customize window, set the Date Range to Last Year. Click the Categories tab and Include Only Transactions with Selected Categories. In the dropdown, click Clear All, then search for and checkmark category "Groceries" (and only that category). Click OK. You should now have there report you want.

    This assumes that you have properly categorized all your grocery purchases with category "Groceries". If not, then back to square one.

    P.S. The above applies to the current subscription QMac. If you are using an earlier version, the procedure may differ.
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    Just to clarify - and as mentioned above - it actually is easy to create a Spending Report or Banking Report ...
    BUT.... you must have the foresight and willpower to enter or edit each Transaction that represents Groceries.
    If you start to do this, Quicken will learn which payees should have a Category assigned for Groceries.
    SO... you should look at all your transactions and make sure each and every one has a Category, so you later can generate any kind of report based upon these Categories. 

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