Restore from local backup conflicts with Mobile sync version of file

Quicken for Mac. Here's a convoluted mess.

I had Mobile sync turned on. I made many updates to transactions with payees, tags, memos on my desktop, then saved a local backup, but forgot to click update to sync back to the web. Next time when I opened the desktop version, it pulled up the older version previously synced online, but not with my latest changes. So, I figured I would restore my local backup. Did that and transactions looked good, but then went to update and got the message "Cloud account not found". It forced me "Set up new cloud account", and the file then reverted back to the older version saved online.

So, my latest version that I want is saved as a local backup, but I'm unable to restore it and make the cloud account reflect that version.

Any way to clear out or purge every online version so my local backup takes priority?

Also, why is the software not designed to automatically sync online when exiting the program, or at least give a warning that the online version does not have the latest changes?
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