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  • ftyminski
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    Anyone know how to export a set of transactions via QIF? Trying to troubleshoot Category Names using Excel.
  • UKR
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    Any report you can generate from the Reports Menu or Reports & Graphs Center can optionally be exported as CSV file. That's easier to get into Excel.
    Pretend you want to print the report. From the Print Menu, instead of sending the report to the printer select the "Export to:" option and click "tab-delimited disk file". Click "Export". Select the Documents folder or the Desktop as file location. Name the file .TXT or .CSV and save it, then open it in Excel.
    If you must use QIF files, select the File Menu / File Export / QIF files. Fill out the selection form and see what that gives you. Click the blue question mark button in the form to get more info about QIF export.
    Maybe, if you told us more about the problem you're trying to troubleshoot, we can help you find another solution.

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