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So back in November one of my TDAmeritrade accounts got messed up (long story) and after I figured out why and enteretd all the missing trades manually, I carried on my merry way. Until 10 days ago when I got the attached message when trying to accept a downloaded buy transaction...

My share balances were all correct (zero) for that trade so is there a quick way to fix this, or do I have to delete all the transactions from around that date and re-enter manually? Can I export all transactions from a certain date, delete them and then re-import in some way?

Ugh. Thx


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    To update this I called Quicken support after I found that I couldn't delete transactions manually for that account. They had me run Validate and Repair which found lots of issues but nothing relevant apparently, then had me logout, switch that register to auto entry, restart Q, login. All the transactions then entered automatically. So the lost might be off a bit but hopefully I am OK at this point.
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    I would be looking at a portfolio view grouped by account. Then expanding that security to show each lot (click the +). 

    The message suggests you have a short (negative share) position balanced against a more positive long position. I’d be wanting to confirm that not only today but in days past the data was right. I would not trust that the auto-entry fixed rather than hid the underlying issue. 
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