Downloaded Schwab Transactions Issues - missing year end distributions & duplicate bank accounts

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Has the missing distribution (Dividends/Cap Gain) data been resolved yet or are they still working on it. My Schwab Brokerage account appears to updating again but it does not include year end distributions. Do I have to manually update them or will I be able to download them soon? I really don't want to do the manual update but will if this issue will not be resolved in the short term. Any recommendations?

Another problem that I noticed is that in the last week upon doing a One-Step Update a 2nd Schwab Bank account showed up. It has the same account number as the "Original Schwab Bank Account" number. The balances are a few dollars off and the 2nd account (which I will call the "Duplicate Account" only has data from 10-28-21 to 12-31-21 and only has 7 entries. The "Original" account has data from 2013 with many entries. I would like to keep the "Original" and delete the "Duplicate". Any recommendations?


  • PG190
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    Have they just given up on Schwab?
  • RGM1951
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    I wish there were some update to let those of us who are still having problems know that they are working to resolve the update problems. The last official update I saw from Quicken indicated that the problem had been solved. That is not the case and Quicken seems to have gone dark on the issue.
  • crissnyder
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    In the absence of any updates from Quicken on this post I spent a couple of hours manually updating the year end distributions. So now due to this manual activity my and Quicken are aligned. So my new question is, "From this point forward will I need to manually update Quicken to ensure Schwab Distributions (Div and Cap Gains) are recorded within Quicken, -OR- Will future Schwab Distributions (Div and Cap Gains) be downloaded to my Quicken for Windows app when I do a One-Step-Update?" If transactions will be downloaded what is the target date for this fix? I really am hoping Quicken and Schwab will fix this issue. It works fine for Fidelity and Vanguard.
  • mikeweberatl
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    My dividends at the end of the year downloaded ok, but one day I didn’t get the data for and had to enter those manually. Also, may be missing transactions from 1/24 (or else there’s just a delay.)
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