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Hi, I have been using Quicken for years but have not used this Forum before.
I have a Quicken for Mac subscription.
So, my question is how to best reclassify or convert certain Categories (whether new or existing) to other new or or existing categories, thus making them subcategories.
As an example: I have created some new categories for (1) 2021 US Estimated Tax Payments, (2) 2021 US Tax Withholdings, (3) Foreign Estimated Tax Payments, (4) Foreign Tax Withholdings.
Now I want to assign items 1 and 2 to a new category named US Taxes and items 3 and 4 to a new category named Foreign Taxes.
I know I can edit categories under the Windows menu but it seems very counterintuitive and difficult to move around categories and nest them under other categories.
Suggestions will be appreciated.


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    It's actually very easy, but maybe not very obvious. In the Categories window, create a new top level category "US Taxes", then drag and drop the soon-to-be subcategories on top of US Taxes. It will instantly become a subcategory. You may find it helpful to temporarily rename them so they are adjacent in the list (e.g, put "123" in from of the category names, then remove it when you're done). 

    In Quicken Preferences > Register, you may want to turn on display of long category names so you see both the top level and subcategory in the registers.

    On more suggestion: I would not include the year in the category names. I'd just name the category "US Estimated Taxes" without the year. You can always filter reports and registers by year. This will make it much easier if you ever need to search or report on US Estimated Taxes across years.
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