You've set up an account with this phone number. Please use this link to verify:

Rollin Hill
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Like others have posted, I received a text message to verify the phone number. Just as a FYI, this message is extremely suspicious as it resembles others I have received that are scams. I NEVER respond to something like this. Instead I will sign into my account manually and check to see if there is anything that needs to be done.

Quicken: if you need something verified then please do a better job when wording the text message and provide a notice/message on the actual web site when I login that I can then pursue. If not. then do not expect me to respond to such a suspicious looking text. I never follow links provided in text message or emails as they are the easiest way I know of to get scammed. You want something verified then a text/email is fine, but it should direct me to login into my account and verify what needs to be verified.


  • Agreed on all counts. I just received one as well. It perfectly matches the profile of a scam. Quicken, you should lock down people who actually click on this.
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