i want to delete a savings account and reinstall

i've messed up the entries from years past. I want to start clean...How can I do it and only enter a different start date.


  • nancyincali
    please help. I have a checking and savings account, and I want to delete and resinstall the savings account. Do I delete the old account first and then put in a new account. Or do I just add the savings account again and then delete the old account? TIA
  • Quicken Jade
    Quicken Jade Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hi @nancyincali, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues. I would recommend that instead of fully deleting the accounts, you hide them and create new ones. I would create the new accounts first which can be done by going to Tools > Add Account. Here are the steps to hide the old accounts after,

    To hide or close an account  

    1. Choose Tools menu > Manage Hidden Accounts.
    2. Find the account that you want to hide or close in the list, and then select one or more of its Hiding Options.
    3. Click OK.
    If you would really like to delete the account, keep in mind this cannot be undone but here are the steps on that process

    To delete an account

    1. Before you begin, create a backup of your file.
    2. After backing up, click on Tools on the top menu bar, then choose Account List (or hold down Ctrl+A on your keyboard).
    3. Select the account you want to delete and click Edit.
    4. In the Account Details window, click Delete Account.
    5. To delete the account, you must type YES in the Delete Account window, and then click OK.
    I hope this helps!
    - Quicken Jade
  • nancyincali
    Quicken Jaden, thank you. Still have a problem. When I entered the account location and found the exisitng accounts. the message said i couldn't add it to quicken. Do I call The bank or work with Quicken to fix this? Very frustrating to get through to Quicken. I have a subscription. Ugh
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