How do I covert a csv spreadsheet to a QFX file?

I have downloaded last year's account entries from my bank which will only download in a csv format. I am using Quicken 2020 - Home, Business & Rental Property. How do I make the conversion and/or which is the best converting software?

Btw, when I ran the One-Step Update it only updated/downloaded the last 6 months, not the entire year.

Many thanks in advance.


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    Hello @Reese Shellman

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community. We apologize you are having this issue. To clarify, the financial institution would be the one that needs to provide a QFX formatted file. If the financial institution can not provide a QFX file, the other alternative would be manual entry. 

    In addition, it is completely normal for Quicken to not download an entire year's worth of transactions. Typically only 87-90 days will be downloaded using the One-Step Update feature.  We apologize for any confusion. 

    Please let us know of any other questions or concerns. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • QP, thanks for the response.

    Assuming that the financial institution only can/will provide the csv file then is there a preferred converter? Manual entry of 6+ months of data would be a monumental task that I would rather not have to undertake!
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