Manually entered items in investment account not available to reconcile

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I have manually entered several items in an investment account for which download is not available. These items are all dated within the same month, and have not previously been reconciled. When I try to reconcile the account I get the "no uncleared items are available to reconcile", even though the statement date that I supply to Quicken is the last date of the relevant month, and all transactions have dates prior. The "Clr" column for all my unreconciled items is empty. For previously reconciled items, that column properly shows "R". When I try to make an entry in that column or change an entry in that column the system does not respond. There is a blue line in my account register below the previous month's reconciled items, separating the reconciled part of the register from the new entries I manually created. The background tint for all my new entries in the register is different from the background color for all the previously reconciled entries.

This behavior has never occurred before. I wonder if it has to do with recent updates to Quicken.

Any advice about this would be much appreciated.


  • I have solved my own problem. No response from others is necessary. My problem occurred because the date of the beginning balance specified in the reconciliation was incorrectly set to be at the end of the month that I was trying to reconcile, rather than at the beginning of the month. So the system thought all my new transactions had already been reconciled. (I have no idea how the incorrect beginning date got set.)
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