Today I was able to successfully reconnect to Capital One for automatic downloads. Hooray! I entered my Capital One credentials, and instead of the dreaded CC-50x errors I got the dialog listing my sole Capital One account! I checked the box to connect to it. Capital One downloaded the transactions.

UNFORTUNATELY, it created a brand new Quicken account for the card instead of using the account where I clicked "Activate" in the Online Services dialog. So while I'm glad auto-download is happening again, I'm not going to go thru 4 months of transactions to recategorize them, nor am I going to transfer entries from my existing account.

Note: I haven't actually tried that to see if moving my existing records into the account the connection created, and then renaming the account to what I want (instead of "XXnnnn Credit Card") would finally solve the problem.


  • jeff_brown2
    This is with version R37.67 by the way.
  • georosnc
    georosnc Member ✭✭
    I still can't connect with Capital One. I tried deleting my account in Quicken and then trying to add account but Quicken can't connect to add it back. Notifications from Capital One acknowledge receiving the info through Quicken but Quicken keeps showing an error message that it can't connect. Very frustrating.
  • FRFarr
    FRFarr Member
    i am having the same problem. No downloads since December. Very frustrating.
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