Went from Deluxe to Starter now banks won't connect

Trish Member ✭✭
I cna update credit card accounts, but not my bank. Either One Step at "UpDate" prompt takes me directly to the Bank website, or I get a box message "Service provider change OK right away" and it crashes my laptop. Am I being punished for downgrading to product more situable?


  • Ps56k2
    Ps56k2 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Trish said: I can update credit card accounts, but not my bank.
    What bank - and what kind of accounts....
    The STARTER version only supports simple checking/savings - but NO investments, loans, etc .

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Trish
    Trish Member ✭✭
    Thanks but I know that which is why I downgraded. Don't use for investments, loans, etc. Reinstalled software, downloaded all updates and finally got a connection to the bank. But appreciate the feedback.
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