Direct Connect for Interactive Brokers - Token and Query ID - fails

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I have the same issue described at the end of this thread:

I have third party downloads enabled with Interactive Brokers for Quicken, Yodlee (Yahoo portfolio) and TradeLog. I'm able to download TradeLog and Yodlee each with their own unique Query ID but I cannot download into Quicken. All third party services share the same long token and each has a unique 6 digit Query ID. All required info has been carefully entered; Query ID by copy/paste as I can see that it's correct and I've tried the token by both copy/paste and by carefully typing it. I am able to use web connect (download and import QFX file) without issues.

I received the attached error earlier this week and also today. Quicken "about" info is also attached.

Does anyone have any insight, share my experience, or is anyone successful with Direct Connect and Interactive Brokers? Thank you in advance for any insight that anyone can provide.

Attachments are a screenshot of my error image, Quicken's "about" window, and my enabling of 3rd party apps in Interactive Brokers' account management.
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