Bank of America and Mac needing code

Candace Larson
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I have spent hours on the phone with Bank of America and quicken trying to make the auto update work without having to get a code and enter it. unsuccessfully I'm sick of it

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  • I forgot to mention that the day before I moved over to a Mac computer, no code has ever been required on my Windows computer. This happened as soon as I moved to the Mac. With Quicken support we tried all of the things mentioned already. A new file, disconnecting and reconnecting etc. Nothing worked
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    This is new to Mac. In the past, a code wasn't required.
  • I believe it must have something to do with Bank of America not recognizing my Mac but nobody at BofA seems to know anything
  • lhossus
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    @Candace Larson
    I don't have a Bank of America account, so I cannot provide first hand assistance.

    Bank of America displays a message "One final step to confirm access to Quicken..." — Quicken

    I suggest you read thru the discussion at the above link, where other users were able to successfully set up the connection to Bank of America. It should provide some clues on what you should be doing to make the connection.

    If not, then I hope someone else comes along that can provide more specific guidance.

    Oh, and here is another link that could be useful: Bank Of America asks me to sign on to Quicken before it lets me in. — Quicken

    If this does not help, when you come back, please tell us:
    - which connection type you are using: Quicken Connect or Direct Connect
    - which financial institution you are connecting to: "Bank of America", "Bank of America Credit Card", "Bank of America-Wealth Management", ...
    - what steps your are taking leading up to the request for a code.
    - any error messages or codes you are seeing.
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