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I’m using Quicken Home and Business to track 3 businesses as well as my personal finances. Each business has a couple couple bank accounts and a credit card. I’m using tags to differentiate the 3 businesses, but haven’t found a way to tag the accounts so that all transactions in that account are automatically tagged for the associated business. For example, It would simplify my bookkeeping if all the transactions in my rental property’s checking acct automatically were tagged as rental property. It doesn’t work as well to memorize transactions because items like utility companies will have charges in all 4 of my accounts so I can’t memorize the tag on that utility companies transactions. Is there a way I’ve missed to tag an account?


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    Is there a way I’ve missed to tag an account?
    I don't know of a way to automatically apply the same tag to all transactions in an account as the transactions are entered.  

    You can go into an account, select (highlight) multiple transactions, rt-click and Edit those transactions and apply (replace) a chosen tag to all those transactions.

    You can also use a Banking Transactions report in a similar fashion.  That report might be easier to identify currently untagged transactions that need to proper tag applied.

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