I screwed up something on Payee names, can't figure out how to fix it

I was having an issue with Apple Pay when using my iPhone - every downloaded transaction was showing simply as a charge from Apple. Also, our small local butcher uses Comcast Business, and every time we used our Amex there, it was categorized as a Comcast charge.

I vaguely remember doing something that fixed that problem, but now all of my transactions are downloading with really long, descriptive payee names which often include unique characters like dates, etc.. As a consequence, the automatic categorization thinks nearly every transaction is new, and most things are showing as "uncategorized". It's taking several minutes each day to correctly categorize everything.

I'd rather undo whatever I did, and I'll deal with the handful of wrongly-categorized transactions instead of having to categorize nearly every transaction. But I can't remember what I did in order to undo it.


Can anyone help?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You can try, in Quicken Preferences > Connected Services, to toggle the box Automatically Improve the Quality of Downloaded Payee Names and Categories.

    You can also set up QuickFill rules to automatically assign categories to Payees, and Renaming Rules to automatically change the downloaded name to the correct Payee name. See menu Window > Payees & Rules.
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  • bethwr
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    @RickO Tried both of those solutions already to avail. The problem is the Payee used to download simply as Amazon (for example). Now it downloads like this: AMZN MKTP US*1T8EI12AMZN.COM/BI

    And every Amazon purchase has a unique code. It's not just Amazon. . .

    Just don't know what the heck I did. . .
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I have no way of knowing what you did. But you can fix the Amazon issue you describe above by creating a renaming rule like this:

    Not that I have not included anything after "MKTP". Therefore this will rename all downloaded payees that start with "AMZN MKTP" no matter what the unique code that follows.

    You should be able to fix other payees in a similar manner.
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