How to Add Rental Late Charge to Tenants account?

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Have Quicken Home Business Rental (latest version).
I have the payment terms added where rent due on 1st and late if not paid by 5th.
Anyways, it does not appear to add late charges automatically. 
WHERE and HOW do I add a late charge so I can send a reminder to tenant of what is due?


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    Hi @BRETTB,

    Quicken allows you to record late payment charges for tenants once you collect them, but it doesn't have a feature that allows you to send a reminder to a tenant about an overdue rental fee in advance of actually collecting the rent and the fee.

    I suggest that you use an email message as notification of the overdue rental fee and that you record it when you actually receive it.  If you have any followup questions, or have difficulty with the recording of the fee when you receive it, get back to me.


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