Can't import past account transactions for 2021. Citi QFX file will NOT import into existing account

I have a Citi account and I'm a new quicken customer. I did the web connect and that's fine but I need everything from 2021 for tax purposes. I go to the Citi site, download the QFX file and I see data in it. It is in XML format and I have about 15k of data. Now I'm in quicken, I go File >> File Import >> Import Web Connect (QFX) File. It asks me where the data should go, I select "Link to an existing account" and I select the proper account and hit Okay. The little windows circle spins for a second and then.... NOTHING. Nothing happens!! No data, no errors no information. Just useless. Nothing whatsoever to act upon. After googling I see people are instructed to deactivate, reactivate, or reset accounts. I have tried all that and to no avail. No change in behavior. I looked in Program Files\Quicken and Program Data\Quicken and see no useful logging to help my troubleshooting. So far I'm finding this software to be VERY FRUSTRATING! Please help!


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