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Some of my ETFs distribute a dividend, but it doesn't come to nor does it increase the number of shares. Instead it increases the adjusted cost base. I have been tracking these manually and applying them when I sell. It would be nice if Quicken could track it for me. Essentially it is the opposite of a return of capital.


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    You can enter a negative-$ RtrnCap but only by using the Enter Transactions button. 

    It would seem you would need two transactions as a pair,
    • a normal Div putting cash into your account, and
    • a negative-$ RtrnCap taking cash out of the account and increasing the cost basis of the security. 
    Is that right for you tax-wise == the 'dividend' amount from the ETF is treated as a dividend?   

    Be sure that the negative-$ RtrnCap properly adjusts cost basis across all lots as applicable.  That has been an issue with RtrnCaps over the years.  Currently, I would expect it to adjust the basis of each lot based on the share count of each lot.  But you need to confirm that behavior for your specific securities and situation. 
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    I'll have a go.
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    Thank you, that worked splendidly.
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