Quicken for Windows - One Step Update not working

peterfnyc Member ✭✭
Starting around the beginning of 2022, One Step Update has not been working consistently. It often does no updates, but when I "update now" for a single account, new transactions are brought in. I find I have to check each account on the bank or brokerage's website to make sure that I have really gotten everything. That is obviously very inconvenient. I made no changes to my account setup, but everything used to work flawlessly.
I assume the problem(s) are either on Quicken's side or on the financial institution's side because if I had set up my accounts incorrectly, update would never work.
Any help would be appreciated.


  • Deeen
    Deeen Member
    None of my accounts are downloading transactions since about a week ago. I can't even download them manually. Very frustrating!
  • Kenneth Goodwin
    Kenneth Goodwin Member ✭✭✭
    Right click Account (Edit/Delete Account) --> Online Services --> Reset Account
    This normally gets the Update Now process corrected.  Your financial institution will probably ask for a validation step in the process.
    Note - I had it change my accounts opening balance for reasons beyond my paygrade so watch out for that - make sure you have a backup before resetting account to cover all possibilities.  Checking your last reconcillation is a good validation after resetting account.
  • slammfire
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    My issue is this: I had to change my Bank's username and pw and now after entering that new info in the accounts screen for online services, and then trying to update the account, my balances are wrong by a lot! Looking at entries beginning middle of 2019 and back now show uncleared trans. Anyone seen this?
  • peterfnyc
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    Hi Kenneth, I tried that and it didn’t work for me. Thanks for the suggestion.
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