Merrill Edge brokerage account will not properly connect

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Hello all,
I have most of my investments in a Merrill edge brokerage account.Whenever I try and connect it to my Quicken using my Merrill login credentials, Quicken gives me the following message "You have already added all your accounts at this bank." even though they are not connected. Anyone had a similar experience and been able to figure it out? I'll shut up and listen


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    From Quicken's menu: select Accounts > Set Up Transaction Download...

    Examine the accounts listed under both tabs: Get Connected  and   Already Set Up

    Under which tab does the Merrill Edge account appear?
    Is the account listed under Merrill Edge, or some other brokerage institution?

    Other questions:
    What kind of account is this: a simple brokerage account?  OR  a 401k/Trust/Custodial/etc?
    Is there more than one account at Merrill?
    What connection type are you using to connect the account: Direct Connect, Quicken Connect.
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