Any idea as to why Quicken being 100 years off on in inserting transaction date

Earl Anderson
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In my Quicken Register of 32551 transactions, the first 30 (displayed b/c of the date) are 100 years off (i.e. 10/11/1921 which s/b 10/11/2021, etc.). When I manually try to change/correct the year (thru keyboard or calendar add-on), it remains/reverts back to '2019' instead of '2021'.


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    Did you import those transactions from a bank which is not supported by Quicken?
    If so, the date format used when importing must have been an incorrectly defined 2-year date format, e.g., MM/DD/YY (10/11/21). In conjunction with settings in Windows Control Panel, Date Formats, the 100-year sliding window (a Y2K conversion helper) seems to have determined that a year "21" is to be interpreted as 1921 instead of 2021.
    To get the century correct in Quicken do enter the year as 4-digit number, 10/11/2021.
    If your computer is set to show dates as 2-digit years, please change it to use and display 4-digit years instead. This is controlled in Windows Control Panel, Region, Date Formats. The Short Date format should be set to MM/DD/YYYY. Reboot Windows after making changes.
    In Quicken when entering dates and using MM/DD/YYYY format you can enter dates using shortcuts. There's normally no need to type the slashes. Entering "0117" results in 01/17/2022 (assuming we're in the year 2022), "011701" gives 01/17/2001, "01171921" gives 01/17/1921. For Day and Month enter leading zeros to get correct results.
  • Earl Anderson
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    First-- a correction: when I wrote "...remains/reverts back to '2019", that s/b '1921': it reverts back to 1921.

    Second, all transactions were imported from Bank of America as were the other +32k Quicken transactions.

    Third, the date format input has not been altered from the default of original setup (MM/DD/YYYY) which is why the mystery/question in the first place.

    Since there was no way to 'Find' "1921" and 'Replace' w/ "2021", I did change the 32 '1921' dates manually.

    Still a mystery...thx
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