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On the home dashboard, when you first open quicken, there is a portfolio balance dashboard. As of the 14th, it is no longer updating. Also the top movers has no data in it. I've tried updating quotes. No change. Anyone know why this is happening?


  • GeoffG
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    1/14 - market open
    1/15 - market closed
    1/16 - market closed
    1/17 - market closed
    1/18 - market open
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  • RichJS
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    It shows data for the 8th and 9th (weekend). Would the market not have been closed then too? Its a flat skinny line as of the 14th. Which included the 18th, today. After update still a flat skinny line. Unless the dashboard only updates after midnight on the first open day after a weekend, this does not explain what I am seeing.
  • RichJS
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    Guess I spoke to soon. Sorry GeoffG. I went back in and manually updated one of my investment accounts and the dash board now shows activity. Not sure why I had to manually download / update though. I'm pretty sure this was automatic before. Is it supposed to be automatic?
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