Simple Investing still does not work for Schwab customers

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Since the Schwab changes last November, my 3 Simple Investing accounts do not report current investments. I added a new stock in late December and after OSU ever since then, it is not shown. I went through the Reauthorization process a couple of times at Customer Care request last year. OSU reports 4 accounts accessed and 0 transactions. The 4th account is a checking account and I do get updates from it. I don't believe there is an attempt to access Schwab for Simple Investing (or it is being denied). I have reported this several times, after every version update (now 37.67). Full investing does work but has all those awful placeholders. Does anyone else use Simple Investing?

Share prices are not accurate and I know that is a continuing, separate problem. For some reason my share prices are reset every day to December 18 prices. I can click update quotes and get the current quotes. But the next day after I do OSU, the prices are back to December 18. Ground Hog Day!


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    Yay! Quicken Simple Investing now works for Schwab customers. R38.29 did it. I now have accurate securities, number of shares, and share price!! It took over 2 months but I am very relieved. Thanks, Quicken developers!
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