how is synchronized memo field updating for matching transfer transactions done?

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I receive a payment from someone I loaned money. I deposit it into my checking account as a split transaction with the principal portion being transferred to an asset account and the interest portion remaining in the checking account categorized as interest income. On the split lines I enter memo's.
In a future session I decide to revise the memo for the principal portion. If I do this by going to the original checking account transaction and making the change to the memo field the memo is changed in the checking account but not in the asset account. If I go to the asset account and make the change, it is changed in the asset account but not the checking account. Further, if I go to the asset account, select the particular transaction, and then select go to matching transfer and then make the changes in the checking account, it still does not update the memo field in the asset account. When the shared memo field is changed in one account shouldn't it be automatically changed in the other? There should be at least one change method that accomplishes an automatic update in both accounts so the user is not forced to change it in one account and then do a cut and paste so that both accounts have the memo revision.


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    There is not such a method. After the two transactions are initially recorded in the two accounts, only the date and amount are subsequently linked. Memo and payees remain disconnected. 
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