How do I add or categorize a 529 distribution (withdrawal) transaction?

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How do I add or categorize a 529 transfer of funds from a 529 account to a regular checking account?


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    Hi @R.A.

    In general, a withdrawal/distribution from a Section 529 plan (which is a tax favored Qualified Tuition Program) is a non-taxable event, as long as the proceeds are used to pay for qualified educational expenses.  Any distributions that exceed an individual's qualifies educational expenses are subject to income tax as well as a 10% penalty tax.

    That being said, in terms of how to record such a transaction in Quicken, if the total of the funds withdrawn are less than, or equal to, the qualified educational expenses paid for by the recipient of the withdrawn funds, they should simply be applied to reduce the amount of educational expenses paid for and recorded in the Quicken "category" used when the amounts were actually paid - as an offset.  To the extent that such funds are more than the qualified educational expenses that were paid, the overage should be recorded in a taxable income category in Quicken.

    The above information is a personal view of the poster expressed in general terms, and is not, and cannot be used or relied upon as, the provision tax or legal advice.  For any definitive determination, a reader needs to consult with a qualified professional.


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