Schwab account doesn't download transactions

I am on version R37.67. I have an investment account at Schwab that doesn't download transactions. I checked the Account Details page and found there was no account number. However, even after I added the account number, Quicken didn't save it.

I setup a test database from scratch and found this account downloaded transactions.

How to fix?


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    Hi @jhorow2768,

    Since you were able to successfully download using that test file, I suggest that you perform a Validate & Repair process on your Quicken data file.  Here's a LINK to the steps you need to take - LINK.  First - make a BACKUP of your datafile.  Then, follow the guidance in the link starting with the section entitled "Fourth, Copy your file and Validate".

    Let me know how that goes and/or if you have any followups.


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