All my transactions before october 2021 just disappeared. How can I find them?

wcorkern Member
All my transactions before October 2021 are missing.


  • RickO
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    Can you please provide much more detailed info? Let's start with what version of QMac you are using? Were the missing transactions manually entered or downloaded? Or are they missing because they were never downloaded? Is this in one account or several? If several, what types of accounts? Did something occur or did you do something just before the transactions went missing? Please provide screen shots.

    That asked, the first thing I'd check is that there are no filters set in the register. In current QMac, if there are filters set, there will be a green CLEAR FILTERS button at the top of the register.
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  • wcorkern
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    Thank you, Rick O. I have it figured out now. I think it was something my bank did. I eventually had to delete the checking account and re-add it.
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