Missing Transactions-Quicken for Mac Premier wont load more than 8 days of transactions from Truist

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Missing Transactions-Quicken for Mac Premier wont load more than 8 days of transactions from Truist

Quicken for Mac Premier wont load more than 8 days of transactions no matter which connection type I use. By default it connects with Quicken Connect and only the most recent 8 days will load. This issue is with Truist Checking Account. When navigating the Truist Website, Truist states and insist that you can use Quicken with Online Banking and connect with 3 Connection Methods. The following Text was copied and pasted here from there website:

"Your needs? Check.

Connect Quicken to your Truist account in seconds.
Download and organize your financial information simply and securely.
Create a smart budget based on your actual spending patterns.

3 ways to connect

Direct Connect – Download transactions and update account balances automatically. Pay bills and transfer money between your accounts—directly from Quicken. Monthly cost: $7.95 for personal clients, $9.95 for business clients2.
Express Web Connect – Download transactions and update account balances automatically—with no monthly fee.
Web Connect – Manually download transactions from your Truist account and import them into Quicken—with no monthly fee.

Quicken products

Your online banking will work with the current and previous two versions of Quicken. Learn more about Quicken for Mac and Quicken Deluxe for Windows."

However, NONE work!

There is an option to change connection type and when you click on it in Quicken under Settings\ Downloads, then re enter your bank account user name and password, go through the process of verifying and hit "Continue" you then Select "Link" and continue, you are still Connected with "Quicken Connect". (There are no options to distinguish one type of connection from the other). So i proceed to download 60 days of Transactions from my bank using the Quicken extension file type, then open them in Quicken, to only get the same message witch is:

"Download Unavailable:

Quicken is unable to update this account because Web Connect support for your financial institution has been either temporarily, or permanently discontinued [CC-885]".

I have been on the phone with Quicken Tech Support and Truist Tech Support and each one passes the buck and blames the other, meaning the issue is on the other vendors side of this process. Truist made the comment that there is some code that they issued to Quicken to test and use to make the connections work, however could not give me a time or date when this CODE was issued and stated they are waiting on Quicken to respond.

They both claim that it has to do with the Transistion/Merger from Suntrust/BB&T to Truist, however each company blames each other for the ongoing issue.

Feeling very frustrated as I have been trying to fix this issue for the past week!


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    Each bank determines the period for which it will provide transactions for download. Quicken has no control over this. Apparently, Truist has determined that they will provide only 8 days worth.

    Often it is possible to download a QFX file containing older transactions from the bank's site if and only if Web Connect is supported by Quicken for this bank. 

    There are two "Truist"s available in Quicken: Truist Bank and Truist Credit Union. The latter supports Web Connect, the former does not:

    Note that Web Connect is grayed out. If this is Truist Bank you are with, then I'm afraid you're out of luck. That would seem to be the case from what you posted above. 

    It is up to each bank to arrange with Quicken which download services to support. Quicken does not reach out to banks to prod them to support one method or another. It would be up to the bank to reach out to Quicken to enable Web Connect. If they already support Quicken Connect/Express Web Connect, this may be fairly simple. But it does involve a contractual relationship that none of us here or at Quicken Support is privy to. Bottom line, it would be up to the bank to initiate getting Web Connect supported.

    I will mention that there are some tricky workarounds that probably violate Quicken and the bank's terms of service. It would be up to you if you want to take the risk to research and implement such.
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