Invoice customizing for adding payment info

Trying to add basic payment information to my Invoice template (things like how to pay by Wire, by Check, by Credit Card). But after 2 hours I'm baffled to see that 1) you cant add much text to Message area due to character limits (only short things like "thanks for your business" 2) You cant add text to Ship To as that doesn't have much character room either 3) People seem to be saying we have to find a way to add to "Description" . Ill try but this area looks like it is for line items, not longer form directions for payment. This is THE most important part of an invoice: how to get paid! ...but the invoice templates don't make it possible to list payment options. Quicken please make it possible to add more payment information perhaps by 1) increasing character limits in Message area or Ship To area or 2) Enable someone to add a Custom Text box in the Invoice Editor.


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    I remember a discussion from quite a few years ago where another Quicken user needed to add some "boiler plate text" to each customer invoice. Because of its length, none of the available fields in the invoice could handle the amount of text and formatting needed to satisfy the user's needs.
    The suggestion was to create a Word document and, outside of Quicken, pre-print a number of blank pages with the boiler plate text. When printing invoices load the pre-printed sheets face down into the printer so that you end up with the invoice on the blank front of the page and the boiler plate text on the reverse.
    How does that sound to you?
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