Cleared Date vs Written Date.

Bank Transactions Show Date Check WRITTEN. I want to see what date a Check CLEARED.
I'm on Windows (Mac forum references a Quicken > Preferences > Connected Services - "Use Posted Date" checkbox. I cannot find a similar setting in windows version.

My real preference would be to have access to both Written and Cleared Dates, but CLEARED DATE is most important to me.

Qkn R37.67


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    edited January 2022
    You can have both in online accounts.

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  • q_lurker
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    For accounts that are setup for downloading info from the bank or cc, you can set the column selection to include "Downloaded Posting Date".

    If the account is not setup doe downloads, that column is not available.
  • The Real Dude
    q_lurker. I've read and used many of your posted suggestions in the past, especially those related to Company Spinoff and Mergers. Thank you.
    I found the field you suggested here and it resolved my issue. Thank you again.
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