Anyone having issues with Home Equity Loans showing as paid off?

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It had been a couple weeks since I was on Quicken but today my Home Equity Loan account with BofA is showing as Paid Off (it is not) and cannot access any transactions. Using Windows 10 and have latest release of Quicken. It has been showing just fine for the last 5 years or longer.


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    If you do a search here on your issue with loans such as Mortgage, HELOC, etc. you will find handful of reported instances dating back to about six months ago and then quiet.  And, it happened to me too back then.  Hopefully you maintained incremental backups.  Restoring from a backup prior to when you "think" it happened is the solution.  Ensure to validate the restored file before doing an update (File > Validate & Repair >  Validate File)
    Additionally I suggest that you report it directly through the Quicken program (Help > Report a problem) so that support team has a record in case this issue is resurfacing.
    I don't know if they ever determined what caused this issue for a few users back then.
    - QWin Deluxe user since 2010, US subscription on Win11
    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

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    There's a possibility that some bug in Quicken has mistakenly reclassified a HELOC account as Account Type = Loan when it shouldn't have done so. This might have happened while deactivating / reactivating accounts.
    IMHO, a LOC or HELOC account should
    • be created as an offline Credit Card account, to allow repeated actions to take out money and pay it back over time
    • never be activated for downloading at all.
    • maintained offline by recording transfer transactions from or to checking and recording the monthly interest charge
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