Converting from QMac 2016 to Windows Subscription - currency issues

AlexN Member
Hi Everyone,

Very Novice quicken user. I have recently changed laptops and therefore quicken products but would like to import my old quicken file to the new Windwos laptop.

I seem to be having two main issues:

Firstly, my old file seems to be set up in a german configuration where "," is the cent seperator and when i import the file to the new program everything is shifted over to create numbers that are far too large, i.e 100,00(one hundred) now becomes 10000.00 (ten thousand). Please advise how i can change this in either the old file and create a new backup or how to change the new quicken settings in order to shift every transaction back by 2 decimal points.

Secondly, the currency figure for the main group headings is in US$ and i would like to change that and cannot seem to find where these main settings are located.

thank you for your assistance.
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