Issues with completing web connect with Credit Union One MI.

Need help unable to connect with my credit union to complete my transactions. Sent an email to Quicken and received no response. Contacted my credit union they stated they are not having any issues with their web connect. Help ready to ditch Quicken. I am using windows 10 and have Quicken Deluxe.


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    Hi @mvelasco9,

    Have you successfully connected with this credit union in the past, or are you trying to setup a new connection?  Do you receive any error codes or messages when the connection attempt fails?  Is so, please tell us what those messages say; and the specific code that is given.  Have you had any similar problems with your other connected accounts?

    Any additional information will help us to help you.  Thanks.


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    Have always connected to this account and i get the error code cc-501or 998 (i believe) or it comes back complete with 0 transactions and there are transactions to transfer. This has been going on for weeks and I have to enter manually my transactions from the bank statement.
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    Just deactivated and deleted the account and started over and was only able to download up to 01/06/2021. Missing everything after. Help!!!!
  • Hello @mvelasco9

    Thank you for coming to the Community to report the issues you are having, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    First I just want to point out that reporting a problem from within your software does help identify the cause of issues, and provides us with the necessary information for resolving them. However, those reports do not receive responses. 

    Regarding the CC-501 that you are getting with Credit Union One MI, you mentioned this occurring during "web connection". Does that mean that you are downloading files from the bank's website and importing them into your Quicken? Or, do you connect the account and update it by clicking the one Step Update button?

    I did check the financial institution list and this bank is supported, and I do not receive any errors when I attempt to connect to them in my own Quicken software. 

    Look forward to hearing back from you, thanks.

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    doing one step and now not getting any error codes but nothing is transmitting and there are items that should be updated.
  • mvelasco9
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    did everything, deleted the account and started new, nothing helps and i'm ready to cancel my subscription.
  • mvelasco9
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    started after the last update.
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    mvelasco9 said: Need help unable to connect with my credit union to complete my transactions.
    just to clarify - is this the exact name of the CU you have created in Quicken ?
    And - Web Connect is where you manually log into the CU website and manually download the transactions.
    Express Web Connect is where Quicken One Step Update does that online for you.
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  • Credit Union One and Quicken are working on solving the problem with not ETA.
  • CUO corrected the problem and it is up an working!
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