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After two months of inactivity I logged in and updated to Mac version 6.5.1. Chase and Citicard accounts won't update. On Chase, I am asked to re-download transactions by reselecting the bank and inputting user name and password. In the middle of approval, it gives me a dialogue box asking for the password of a long retired American Express account, showing the ID as one of those ultra long(30-ish characters) log-in names of numbers and letters. I don't recognize this ID at all. When I cancel and go back to try to log in to Chase, it asks me about the American Express account again, over and over this goes. Also with another account I haven't used in years. This is something wrong with Quicken on my desktop, not Chase. HELP!


  • RickO
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    I would open the account Settings > Downloads and Disconnect Account for the Chase account. If the Amex account is still in Quicken (perhaps in Hidden Accounts), do the same.

    Then open the Keychain Access app from the Mac's Utilities folder and search for and delete any entries that have Quicken and Chase or Quicken and Amex in their names.

    Then go back to Quicken and re-enable downloads for the Chase account.
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