ORNL Federal Credit Union (TN) CC-502/CC-503 issues

thomasn528 Member ✭✭
Hi, I'm trying to connect to this institution via Quicken Premier, but get either CC-502 (web site allegedly unavailable) or CC-503 errors (allegedly wrong username/password). Things I've tried that haven't worked:
(1) I've checked the username/password combination I try with QP at the credit union website, they are correct.
(2) The password is neither too long nor does it contain special characters that Quicken warns against.
(3) Some of the fixes described in Help documentation seem inapplicable -- when I try Tools/Password Vault/Add or Edit, the institution is not listed and the "add password" option is grayed out (so are "change" and "delete").
(4) File validation/repair did not help.

Suggestions appreciated!


  • flyfishertn
    flyfishertn Member ✭✭
    The problem is with the ORNL Credit Union, they are fully aware of it. The Quicken interface has not worked since the 23rd of December. They (ORNL) were supposedly meeting with Intuit over two weeks ago but I have not received any update from them (as promised) and the link it still broken. The only option is to use ORNL's web portal to download a Quicken file and then import it.
  • thomasn528
    thomasn528 Member ✭✭
    thanks very much flyfishertn -- it actually does help to know there's nothing I can do, I'd been wasting a lot of time on this. I guess I'll contact ORNLFCU and ask them to please fix the issue.
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