Schwab transactions downloaded - but missing security name, or other data, etc

Ralph Member ✭✭
I have multiple Schwab accounts,most transactions are OK, but I get some with no security attached to transaction. I then have to go to Schwab online and go to the account to see what security is involved. Dollar amounts are OK

Does anyone know when Schwab or Quicken gets a fix.? Anyone else have this issue?


  • TheWilsons
    TheWilsons Member ✭✭✭
    I have multiple Schwab accounts... some are not downloading recent transactions
  • DBWire
    DBWire Member ✭✭
    I'm having those issues as well as costs being different than reported on the web site, multiple transactions with an action of "deposit" and "withdraw", and duplicate transactions. As of yesterday there was no resolution time line called out in my conversation with them.
  • BLauderdale
    I have about 40 transactions this week in four Schwab accounts, all showing buy or sell, the dollar amount, but not the security or number of shares. I am hoping there is a way to delete these and download the correct information. I don't want to have to manually fix all 40 transactions.
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