Bill Pay transaction locked (sent, but not processed)

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I had been chasing down a solution to this issue for a while now. I finally figured out a solution, so posting here in case it's helpful to others (and so I don't forget the steps in case I ever encounter again).

A call in to the customer support line (650-250-1900) was pretty much a waste of time. The rep clearly wasn't familiar with this issue.

Aside from having me disable Bank Bill Pay on the account (Account Settings > Bill Pay tab), he was not able to provide much help. Since I wasn't actually setting up any payments through Quicken (I manage payments through the Bill Pay feature within the bank website/app), he suggested I disable. I assume this will prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

I like to set my Sidebar Activity Options to 'Highlight accounts with unreviewed transactions' so I know when there are new transactions to review.

In the bank account I track in Quicken, there were a handful of transactions that had the white envelope icon in the Status column. Because of this, the bank account is always highlighted as having new transactions to review, even those these particular transactions were paid a long time ago.

When I hovered over the envelope icon, it said: "This Bank Bill Pay has been sent but it has not yet been processed."

If you try to edit the transaction, certain fields (Check #, Category, Transfer) are locked and can't be edited. If you try to add Splits, there is no way to do so. If the transaction is linked to another account as a transfer (ex: credit card bill, auto loan, etc.), you can't edit the transaction from those accounts. If you view details and go to the 'Bill Pay' tab, it shows the Payment Status as 'Sent' but also shows that the transaction "Will process" with a date that has already passed. The additional text below this ("This transaction can be canceled up until the debit date, after that it will be delivered on or before the pay date.") makes little sense since the pay date has already passed.

I thought I could maybe fix by duplicating the transaction and deleting the original. However, when I right-clicked on the transaction and selected 'Delete Transaction' I got an error that says...

"This Bill Pay transaction is Pending.
You cannot delete a pending Bill Pay transaction. Please wait until the transaction has been processed or cancel the transaction first."

With seemingly no way to fix these transactions, I finally figure out a way. Here's how (and it's simple)...

While holding the option key, right-click on the transaction and select 'Delete transaction.' You will be presented with additional options...

"Delete Bill Pay Transaction
Deleting this transaction does not cancel the bill payment or transfer. Check with your financial institution to determine if it has been received before doing this."

Below this message, you are presented with four options:

1. Delete Transaction
2. Set to "To Send"
3. Set to Manual
4. Cancel

I selected #3 and am then able to edit the transaction as desired, including clearing the status and setting it to cleared and reconciling it.

That's it. Problem has been solved for me. I hope this helps others.
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