Complex Renaming Rules for downloaded transactions

Although not new, many users have asked for similar functionality for a while now.

Quicken should provide a more complex renaming rule system for downloaded transactions. This would greatly facilitate the downloaded input of transactions with the same name but different amounts to be renamed and categorized including split itemization.

The system should allow for a multiple rule set for renaming a downloaded transaction. That is, the renaming "rule" could consist of multiple (AND logic) lines; for example:

- based on the name that contains specific text and incorporate the use of wild cards (such as * or ?)
- based on the dollar amount or range (sometimes items vary by a few cents each month)
- based on the transaction date or date range of the month

If the renaming text is the same as one included in the Memorized Payee List, then it should also include any split category assigned.
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  • TTSguy
    TTSguy Member ✭✭✭✭
    Not user friendly the way it currently works. Seemed to be much better 10 years ago!
    Quicken Windows Deluxe Subscription R40.21
     Only function used is register function and reports. NO, other Quicken functions or Sync being used. :*
  • anoren
    anoren Member
    Adding to this I want following feature:

    In the "create renaming rule" window, there are 2 textboxes,
    1st is "If statement name contains"
    2nd is "Set payee name to"
    I want more options, like,
    a 3rd textbox could be "Remove from payee name" and it will remove the words from payee name if supplied in the 3rd textbox
  • anoren
    anoren Member
    Makes me wonder how many rules do others using Quicken have ? One rule for each payee ?
    It's ridiculous that there are only 5 votes on this feature, are people living in a cave ? I'm going back to using Google spreadsheets if it doesn't get released in the next version
  • anoren
    anoren Member
    For me I want Quicken to sort our and categorize transactions by category based on payee names, that's all. Without complex renaming rules, that is impossible.