Not all QFX file transactions importing from credit card

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A couple of months ago I noticed my Quicken credit card balance was not matching my online banking balance. I discovered that several (but not all) transaction had not loaded into the Quicken account though when I inspected the QFX file, I see them there. Anyone else experiencing this? Known issue? Thanks


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    Yup, there's currently an open issue on this:

    There is a workaround that may help you, although it's a bit labor intensive:
    1. Create a new (temporary) Quicken file (menu File > New), Start From Scratch
    2. Select Don't Use Quicken Mobile or Web, then NEXT
    3. In Add An Account, select your bank, click the OPTIONS button and choose Web Connect
    4. Drag your QFX file to the "drop here" box
    5. Select the correct account type and give it a unique name, then Continue, then Finish
    6. Hopefully your transactions imported successfully. If so, continue with the next steps
    7. Optional: Move the file to the Desktop for easy deletion when you're done with it (menu File > Move To)
    8. Export the File to QXF (menu File > Export > Quicken Transfer File (note this is QXF, not QFX), making note of the location to which it's saved
    9. Switch back to your regular file (menu File > Open Recent)
    10. Make a backup of your file in case anything gets messed up (menu File > Save a Backup)
    11. Import the file you created in step 8 (menu File > Import > Quicken Windows File). Note: not "Bank or Brokerage File"
    12. Close the Setup Download window and dismiss the warning
    13. You now have a new account in your file containing the transactions from the bank's QFX file.
    14. Select all of those transactions and drag and drop them to the actual account in the sidebar.
    15. Delete the now-empty uniquely named temporary account.
    16. Your regular file's account should now be complete with the missing transactions.
    17. Delete the temporary Quicken file from the Desktop
    18. Optional: Click menu File > Open Recent > Clear Menu to clear out the now-deleted temporary file's name from this menu.
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