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Some vendors have several wide-ranging products; i.e., Walmart sells plants and yard equipment, pet food and supplies, groceries, pharmacy, and subscription services.

When transactions are imported, the category defaults to a single description, such a groceries; however, your expense was for pharmacy (a health category) or yard/garden supplies (a 'home' expense) .

When that occurs; we should be able to click 'Category' to bring up a list of categories pertaining to that vendor's transaction, such as Walmart. The list would be the result of saved transaction for the vendor
Currently, clicking 'Category' simply takes you to the current category. Typing in 'pharmacy' takes you to that category; however, simply clicking on 'Category' and selecting from previous transaction assigned categories would be quicker and less prone to error.


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    For situations like that you can use a Memorized Payee List (MPL) entry with a predefined set of Split categories to contain these multiple categories: Groceries, Pharmacy, Garden, Auto, Sales Tax, etc.
    The transaction amount for each of these splits is set to 0.00 and the transaction is marked "Lock and leave this payee unchanged ...". This turns this MPL entry into a model entry which you can use every time you go to Walmart. Just start a new register transaction, type in the first few letters of Walmart as the Payee Name and mouse-select the entry with the Splits from the popup. Type in the total transaction amount and go into the Split transaction dialog (CTRL-S is a keyboard shortcut). Fill out the appropriate amounts for each category until the entire transaction amount has been allocated to splits. Leave unused category lines at 0.00 ... you don't have to delete them. Save and done.
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