Has anyone been having a problem deleting an account

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I searched the community database and found a now closed thread relating to account deleting problems. As I understand, the sync function kept restoring or duplicating the account being deleted. The solution seemed to be to take a back-up and rebuild changes. I would rather avoid this task. In addition my problem does not seem to be the same as noted in the thread. I added a new linked account and ran into some problems. I believe I now know how to add the account as I had originally desired. However, I cannot delete the erroneous account. I tried hiding and isolating the erroneous account but its existence interferes with an attempt to add the account again as the financial institution still sees the erroneous account. I attempt to deleted the erroneous account using the <Delete> button on the edit scree and then verifying the delete request with the "yes" response. The only thing that happens is that the edit screen reappears. The issue may be related to the inability of the One Step Update accessing the financial institution even though I can manually access my accounts. Manual access requires a two-step verification, but I have other accounts also with a two step verification that update with no problem The financial institution is Randolf Brooks Federal Credit Union and the One Step Error message is that the accounts (I have several) cannot be updated because of an error on the Quicken server. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated


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    I just put in a post with a similar problem. (https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7907360/cannot-deactivate-downloads-or-close-banking-account#latest)
    I closed an account at the bank prior to deactivating the online services in quicken and now I cannot close the account with similar behavior as your issue.
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