Quicken 2002 Not Installing on New Windows 10 and Windows 11 Computer

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I've been using Quicken 2002 for many years (sadly upgrades are not available in the UK).

I've had multiple new Windows 10 machines and it's always installed and worked just fine.

I got a new PC, which came with Windows 11. Quicken would not install. The Quicken 2002 installation starts, but when you click install you get a small InstallShield (or similar) splash screen which then disappears and nothing happens.

As my issue was on a brand new Windows 11 PC. I assumed it was Windows 11 related as it worked perfectly on both my and my wife's previous Windows 10 machines (we've never had an issue with multiple installations on our new machines). I downgraded my new PC to Windows 10 (clean install) and to my frustration (and surprise) I had exactly the same issue with Windows 10.

Here's how I fixed it:

1. Reboot computer / restart Windows
2. Insert CD / run Quicken setup, click install Quicken (a splash screen may appear, but nothing much seems to happen)
3. Open Windows Task Manager, processes tab
4. Look for the setup (or _inst...) process
5. Right-click on setup (or _inst...) -> Go To Details
6. In Details, right-click on the setup.exe (or _inst....) -> Analyse wait chain
7. If it is waiting for something, (in my case asus_framework.exe), tick the box next to the process thread(s) and then click 'End process'
8a. You will likely need to repeat steps 4 to 7 multiple times, setup will likely change to _inst.....exe at some point but eventually it should install
8b. Depending upon the 'offending' process, it may be simpler to kill the offending processes completely -> I went back to Windows Task Manager -> Processes and killed the 'offending' asus_framework.exe processes, and then it installed cleanly
9. When it has finished installing, reboot your computer
10. Hopefully Quicken 2002 now works.

I hope this helps anyone in the same position.


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    This solution also worked on Windows 11 by the way :)
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