Quicken Canada compatibility with CIBC bank, brokerage, and USD Smart accounts

This is a call for all Quicken Canada users trying to use downloaded data from CIBC bank accounts and brokerages. Please write asking them to update and make consistent these services! What's wrong.

1) CIBC does not offer Automatic update connections for Quicken - anywhere.
2) Yes, you can access compatible files HOWEVER, transfers between one account and another DO NOT carry account numbers so Quicken doesn't seem to be able to make these connections once uploaded. ( If this is possible, please let me know!)
3) Investor's Edge brokerage accounts offer only csv downloads (no Quicken, Mint etc).
- furthermore, the date field is written in long-form (??!!) and does NOT covert to a short date format (or any date format for that matter) once imported into Excel.
4) CIBC Smart account in the US does sport auto update for Quicken, but this is not accessible by Quicken Canada. So, okay, you can download as c.s.v. of your account data - however, it's limited to a 45 day segments only.

What a hassle!
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