Schwab - "Update Accounts" v "Update Transactions"

Larry Berran
Larry Berran Member ✭✭
I reauthorized my Schwab accounts based not their changes. However, whenever I used Update Accounts for all accounts to download, Schwab would not update. But if I go into a Schwab account and go to "Update Transactions" from the ledger for just 1 Schwab account then all Schwab accounts updated ok. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem. I'm just glad that I can at least download my Schwab transactions but it is annoying that they won't as easily update as the rest of the accounts I have.


  • mjpcpa12
    mjpcpa12 Member
    I have the same issue. However, even when I can download the accounts no longer reconcile to Schwab. It would be really great if both Schwab and Quicken would give us ash totals on shares so that we could ID problems quickly.
  • Tom Darbie
    Tom Darbie Member ✭✭
    same problem with no updates from schwab. quicken even asked to confirm a new security but there was no transaction in quicken for that security even though it was at Schwab
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