Cannot pay Chase with quickpay

I have been using quick pay to successfully pay my Chase credit card bills for a couple of years. Since December I have been getting a message saying that I need to re-authenticate but could not re-authenticate. I removed the online bill and re-entered it and now I just get an error message saying that the bill has been added but the next due amount is not yet available. If I try Review and Repair online billers, I get the following error message: Validate has detected a biller on the server which is incomplete or not present locally. If you have select a subset of the bills available from this biller or you have set this biller up recently and are waiting for the first bill to arrive, click cancel. Other wise click ok to remove it from the server. This obviously removed the online bill and I have to start over. I get the same results (error message from above).

I am on version R37.67.


  • Quicken Alyssa
    Hello again @JerriSilman,

    We currently have an Open Alert regarding issues with this biller. Please use the provided link to review the alert and bookmark it to get periodic updates. 

    Thank you!

    Quicken Alyssa

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