CUSIP & Stock Splits

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I believe Quicken uses CUSIP numbers to link downloaded stock data to tickers in your data file. I also believe the CUSIP number changes (last 3 characters) when a stock splits.

Now this results in the same ticker being listed twice in the security list (different CUSIP numbers).

When you enter a stock split transaction you get to pick 'security name', the number of 'new shares' and the number of 'old shares'.

How is this supposed to work?

Is 'security name' the old entry in the security list or the new entry?

Stock data should be sourced from old security list entry before the split (and adjusted appropriately) and from the new security list entry after the stock split. How is this possible if you only specify one the security list entry in your stock split transaction?


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    I guess I could ask what is the proper way of handling stock splits (assuming CUSIP changed)? What kind of account transactions should I have in my account register?

    I see some of my downloaded accounts (Pershing and Fidelity) have 3 transactions: The split transaction which has no impact on the account value & holdings, a remove stock transactions (old CUSIP) and a add stock transaction (new CUSIP). This seems to do the job but also seems cumbersome. Now to compute performance you would to remember to include all the security entries associated with a particular ticker. Quicken must have a better way to handle this?
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    Sometimes the CUSIP changes, sometimes not.  More often not in my experience but that is not definitive by any means.

    If the CUSIP does not change, it should be a simple StkSplt transaction. 

    If the CUSIP does change, I would still use the StkSplt transaction.  I would then follow that up by going to the Security Details for that security, unchecking the box as Matched with Online security.  That should effectively remove or disable the current CUSIP.  I would then go through Tools / Online Center / Financial Institution selection / Account Selection / Holdings Tab, and click the "Compare to Holding".  That should create the opportunity to associate the broker's 'new' version with the 'new' CUSIP to your version of the security.  You should more simply get the same matchup opportunity with the next download from the FI. 

    With all that, the StkSplt would be the only transaction in the Quicken records.  Delete any Removes or Adds the brokerage may have sent. 

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