"Splitting" Income by percentage

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I would like a percent of all the Income to go to each of my 4 categories. Can this be done? If so, how?


  • Hello @Toever, in individual transactions, or in memorized payees you can definitely break splits up by percentage! Here is how you would do this;

    You can assign percentages to the line items in a split transaction. For example, if the transaction total is $100, and you want to split that amount evenly between two categories, you can enter 50% as the "amount" for each category.

    Record a Split Transaction
    The percentage can be entered in the Amount field.

    Record a Split Transaction
    The percentage symbol is necessary when entering the percentage amount.

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    Thank you so much.
  • You're very welcome @Toever, thanks for participating in our community :smile:
    - Quicken Jade
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    Hi @Quicken Jade, how about explaining issues that are created in Quicken if you try to divide $99.33 up among 4 different categories. It's bound to happen, and maybe another post can be eliminated when it does.
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