Quicken not downloading transactions

I started Quicken this evening to reconcile my accounts and found Quicken installed a new update, Version R37.67, Build Before the update I could automatically download all the transactions from my financial institution (TFCU) and reconcile all my accounts. Now it won't download any transactions.

I've reset all the accounts and still no luck. Says there are no cleared transactions to reconcile and when I one step update the accounts it can't find any transactions to download. I've checked my TFCU account and there are numerous transactions to download.



  • retmsg98
    retmsg98 Member
    I finally resolved the issue myself. I had to deactivate/reactivate each account after the automatic Quicken version upgrade. Also, had to reset each account. Appears the Quicken upgrade did something to the account numbers that were in the account list. Now I'll see what happens when I try to reconcile each of the accounts at the end of February.
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